2024 Marketing Consulting Sessions

Marketing Strategic Consultant Services

While you are working your business, it’s critical to focus on the components that help build it, market it, and make it stronger.

During each one-hour session we will dive into the importance and value of communicating your message, who is your target audience and what tools are best to reach them, how to set short-, mid-, and long-term goals so you always have something to strive towards, and other strategic marketing strategies specific to your needs and goals.

Pre-pay five (5) sessions, receive one (1) session for FREE!* Each session is one hour long. Topics can vary but the typical cycle will run through the following topics:

  • Value Statement Session
  • Initiative Session
  • Target Session
  • Competitive Analysis Session
  • Marketing Tactics or Best Practice Session
  • Corporate Communication or Marketing Timelines Session

$600 Total for Individual sessions $120.00 each. ($895 Reg.) Schedule your 15 min consult or contact me via email today for your session commitments before 2024 begins.

* Limited offer only good through 06/01/23. Package prepayment purchases is limited to two (2) per year only and up to two (2) free.

Sessions to be scheduled between 6/1/24 and 8/28/24. Sessions cancelled on the scheduled day of or “no shows” later than 15 minutes will count as a session and are non-refundable. Packages are non-transferrable. Limited to one (1) hour per session.