Are your photos making the right first impression?

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Are your photos making the right first impression?

You’ve heard it a million times, “a picture paints a thousand words.” While it’s a familiar expression you probably don’t know who said it and why. The genius behind this saying goes to newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane. In a 1911 newspaper article, Brisbane encouraged readers to use images to tell a story because an image could convey an emotion or explain a situation more efficiently and effectively than the written or spoken word.

If that’s the case…Do the images on your website or promotional materials clearly and concisely tell your story?

I hope your photos – wherever you use them – are beautiful, updated, high quality, and reflect who you are as a business and as a business owner. If you have neglected the visuals on your website or marketing collaterals because you don’t see their value, I want to give you three reasons why using quality images are so important, and why the photos you use have the power to “paint a thousand words.”

  1. Photos are a part of your brand – There is nothing wrong with using stock photography on your website, but if that’s all you are using how are you telling your story? Using real life images of your product or services will help to reinforce your brand. It’s easy to tell the difference between the two leading hamburger companies just by a photo of their burgers. Think about that when you are selecting images for your website. Are the photos showcasing your business or your work? If you are baker are those your actual cupcakes? If you are a landscaper are you featuring high quality before and after shots? To help reinforce your company’s image use actual photos of your business, the people who work it, and even the customers who use it. Let your photos be an extension of your brand.

  2. Photos are attention getters – If you want to make a good first impression on your website or brochure use a great photo. A Microsoft study found that the average attention span of an internet user is about eight seconds. That’s a short amount of time to get someone to explore your page. Make your homepage pop by using images that tell your story and grab the attention of the browser. Once you draw them in, your words will tell your story.

  3. Photos are memorable –An image can impact emotions quicker and more powerfully than text. Think about the cute puppy or the majesty of the Grand Canyon. No amount of words can elicit an emotional response like a really good image does. When you land on a website your first response is to focus on an image, then read the text. Images register in our brains much faster than words on a page do. Words play their part – they provide the details about your product or services and help to increase your web page ranking in search engines – but when you only have a few seconds to make an impression use an image. You want to make sure the browser remembers your site, and they will if your photos are beautiful.

If you are ready for your website to be more memorable, or you need new corporate headshots of yourself and your leadership team, please reach out. I have several vendors who I have worked with over the years who I highly recommend.