Marketing Strategic Consultant Services


Yasenny, LLC. provides critical and creative thinking for all your needs. She helps to appropriate and examine with reference to particular life-cycle, tactics that your individual organization may need.

Digital Transform Consulting

Produce more efficient marketing programs, automate your programs and drive sales initiative with digital services. Develop a new or revitalize your digital business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet the ‘new normal’ business and market requirements.

Public Sector – Marketing and PR Experience

Marketing Plans and Audits

She is an expert in marketing development processes to help your company analyze and evaluate your marketing strategies, activities, goals and results. While the process takes time, the results can be informative and refocuses your communication messages to the right customers, reveals new, unknown or neglected markets and helps redefine current strategies and plans to help increase market share. Learn more.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can help your organization to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.

Ongoing Advice and Counsel

Developing a plan is just beginning of your marketing strategy. Your plan needs periodical adjustments to the ever-changing landscapes or goal shifts.

Editorial Calendars
Creating a plan includes a great roadmap and timeline in the form of an editorial calendar. Creating and maintaining one is an essential to managing your marketing effectively.

Competitive Analysis

Starting a new business or staying relevant in an established means understanding your competition, the advantages your company has over the competition and barriers to entry in the market.

Social Engagement Evaluations, Plans and Execution

Social Media & Influencer Marketing plans. Creation of strategy to help clearly map your social media postings. Need more hands on deck? She can help with the management of you social sites. Learn more.

Goal Defining Metrics

She will find Key Performance Indicators that will help your organization to reach organizational goals.

Marketing Budget and Growth Analysis

Spend your marketing budget wisely and you will get result. She will help you devise a solid plan for media buying and advertising that will provide results.

Resource Management

Budgeting resources for your marketing and communications is very important and crucial to your marketing plans. She will evaluate your plans and budget to determine whether resources are being allocated properly.

Email and Affiliate Marketing Evaluations, Plans and Execution

Email Marketing is taking a surge and necessary to keep in contact with your clients. She provides help with the selection of service providers, content and helps setup drip campaigns and other automated campaigns.

Specialized Capabilities Include:

Website Development

Website Development is a science where as branding is an art. She provides highly functional beautifully designed sites. The technical parts are covered as well. She can provide content writing that is driven by SEO. She has available hosting plans for those that would like to set up the technical part.

  • Specialized Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Growth
  • Business Storytelling
  • Secure Hosting

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