End the year strong … plan NOW!

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End the year strong … plan NOW!

You’ve probably already seen the “Christmas in July” sales and Hallmark movies popping up since earlier this month and may be wondering, “Why are they trying to rush the year through, summer’s not even over?” In a way, these out-of-season television shows and commercials are a great reminder that the end of the year is closer than you think. These snow-covered sceneries are subtle hints to help you kick start the planning of your end-of-the-year events so that you can be confident that your gift list is complete and those darn tree lights work!

It’s the same idea when planning for your fourth quarter goals.

While it’s sunny and hot you should be thinking about where you want your business to be during the cold winter months. Here are a few things to think about this summer season.

  1. How will you thank your strategic partners? The holidays are about giving, and while you have spent the year focusing on your clients and customers, now is the time to think of ways to thank your strategic partners. These partners come in all shapes and sizes. They may have come to your rescue on a project you needed help with, or they consistently refer clients and customers your way. Summertime is the perfect time to think of the organizations and business you regularly work with, and who have become your business’ unsung heroes. Get creative and show them how much you appreciate their loyalty and partnership!  
  2. What does your holiday event calendar look like? Come this December employees, suppliers, and customers will be antsy to raise a glass and toast to the end of another stressful year. If you are ready and able to host an event – big or small – now is the time to start planning. Whether it’s securing a venue, booking a DJ or hiring a caterer, get a head start of the crowd and book something today, and make it a celebration no one will forget! Along with the décor and dinner menu, don’t forget to market the event. Use this time to show off your business’ creative side with a fun hashtag guest can use to post photos. Instead of it just being about the bubbly, make this time about giving back to a needy organization within the community. Have guests bring an gift for a child in need, have a donation well where people can drop off monetary donations, or center the event around a cause that invitees can get behind.
  3. Ramp up your end-of-the year marketing strategies. End the year strong by crossing off the remaining strategies in your marketing plan. Review the tactics that were successful and reinstate them or continue supporting them. Bring in a marketing consultant to examine your results so far and have them present recommendations to help you end the year strong.
  4. Start planning for next year. I know it’s a lot to think about, but prior proper planning prevents poor performance! If you absolutely aren’t ready to focus on 2022 because you have enough on your plate already, please reach out. I promise to make the consultation quick and easy so that you can get on with your business at hand. Let me work for you by helping you end Q4 strong and setting you up for next year. Whatever you do, don’t let the summer go by without planning for your end-of-the year plans!