Business Marketing 101 – Online Training Program

Marketing Strategic Consultant Services

Learn How To Invigorate Your Marketing

Marketing is complex. It encompasses a lot! The tactics, strategies and disciplines you implement are what make up your marketing. Discover what is ‘Marketing’, and what it isn’t! This class meets online once a week for 4 weeks and is limited to 13 people. Keeping it small allows for more in depth discussion sessions.

Learn the following:

  • Create a foundation for the path to marketing success
  • How to tailor your marketing to your business industry.
  • Learn how to leverage fundamentals marketing.
  • Learn how to tell gain clarity in your brand story and how to get people to advocate for you

Class Registration Begins Now through August 3, 2021. Classes begin August 4, 2021.

I help you set the foundation for right marketing journey to begin to market your products and services. You will not only get 4-week class session but a 1 hour one on one where I will guide you outside of the class with any questions regarding your business marketing.

Can’t attend? CLICK HERE for the October 6, 2021 – October 27, 2021 CLASS