Focus on Reaching Your Target – Get on the Road to Building Your Brand

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Focus on Reaching Your Target – Get on the Road to Building Your Brand

Focus through a lens

Small business owners know that working “in” your business and growing your business are two different and distinct responsibilities. Individually they can (and usually do) occupy most of your time leaving the other starving for attention! Working your business is likely where you excel. It’s why you became your own boss in the first place. But, growing your business – getting out there and marketing yourself – may not be as easy for you. That’s usually when I usually get the call “I need your help Yasenny”.

You need someone to get you on track, help you focus on reaching your target audience, and on the road to building your brand. If you are not ready to make that call, in the meantime, consider these few tips:

  1. There’s no magic pill for success – First, be proud that you have taken the leap to start your own business. You obviously have a drive, talent, product, or service that catapulted you into venturing off on your own. But, don’t fall for quick fixes, or cutting corners when it comes to marketing yourself, managing your brand, and growing your audience those will not get you to the finish line quicker. Instead, you may find you have wasted valuable time and precious resources. The key to marketing yourself successfully is realizing there is no easy fix or gimmick that can guarantee success. But, understanding the market, your place in it, and creating data driven strategies to achieve your goals is, and that’s where my expertise comes in.   
  • Use marketing dollars wisely –My advice to all my clients is: “Don’t listen to anyone – other than a marketing professional – like myself to handle your marketing goals.” I know resources are tight – especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, so whatever dollars you have for marketing should be applied towards efforts that yield maximum results. Marketing is equal parts science and creativity, and examining trends, offer strategies that line up with your goals and values, and provide you with data are all what professionals do to determine your success. I know you have friends and loved ones who have the best intentions in helping your success. However, the latest and greatest social media trends or tactics are not a quick path to success, and until you have a full picture of your business and a well-developed brand it’s not going to yield the intended results.   

  • Stick to your marketing strategies – Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to work together, and you might think we will get right to work increasing your followers or likes. But, we won’t. Instead, we are going to spend time on you. You’ve probably been too busy focusing on launching your business that you haven’t taken the time to articulate what you stand for, and what are your core values. How can you increase your followers if you aren’t able to clearly tell them who you are? We will spend some very important time working this out, and from there the sky is our limit!

There’s so much we can do together that I hope you will reach out so we can start on growing your business. If you feel that you aren’t working your business to its maximum capacity, let’s talk.

In my net blog I will discuss Paid v. Organic media…don’t miss it!