Author: Victoria Galan

Marketing Strategic Consultant Services

Clock and timer indicating patience

Practice patience…a little goes a long way!

One of the hardest things to do both personally and professionally is to be patient. To hold the line before sprinting off. To wait. You may have been in situations where you felt that if you didn’t immediately react you would miss out on a big opportunity and be left with the feeling that your…
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Make cutting ad dollars your New Year’s resolution!

Get started on the right foot this year by cutting your advertising spending!.  

Best way to achieve your goals…stay focused!

When it comes to marketing your business how many of your friends, family, even strangers offer you unsolicited advice on what you should do to get noticed? There may be a few good ideas in there, but unfortunately, they don’t know your business’ entire story. While it’s important to get feedback, that is for another…
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Your success is our goal

Is it time to hire a marketing consultant?

If you are ready for a professional, honest examination of your business – to help you get to the next level – consider hiring a marketing consultant.
Here’s a quick lesson on what is a marketing consultant, why hiring one is good for your business, and what qualities to look for when hiring one.

Training, learning

Get your business fit with these training tips!

Some cringe at the thought of a contest. Others use the thrill of a match-up as fuel to get better, stronger, faster – and that’s what I hope to inspire you to do. I want to “challenge” you to a race/match/game/fight…a battle…where you will face your competition head on.

Artificial Intelligenfe

Using AI? Be Responsible!

There’s been a lot of talk about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) recently especially its influence in the medical, banking/finance, and transportation sectors, but I want to focus on what AI means to marketing your business or service and, when used responsibly, how it can enhance your marketing efforts. In marketing, generative AI is…
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Different color hands holding a light bulb illustrates ideas coming together

Collaboration makes working together even better!

When I left Corporate America in 2019 to start my own marketing consulting firm I knew, despite my extensive experience, that there would be new things to learn, new experiences to explore, and new challenges. But, after two decades working in large organizations where I had access to resources, staff, and cash flow, I realized…
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Person balancing on scale holding a large coin in one hand and a small coin in the other.

There are other ways to make money without spending it!

I recently came across Haje Jan Kemps’ For startups, ‘we haven’t spent a penny on marketing’ isn’t always a good thing (blog),February 10, 2023, and all I could do was shake my head in disagreement.

Good Better, best words on paper.

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

I know you’ve heard similar versions of this quote before, but I like this message best because it inspires me to keep going even when I think I got it right because unless I get it “right” every time there’s always room for improvement.