Work smarter. Hire a marketing consultant!

Marketing Strategic Consultant Services

Work smarter. Hire a marketing consultant!

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You’ve been in business for a few years now and things seem to be going well. You’ve got a steady customer base, a solid reputation, good reviews, and the revenue flows and growth are holding. But, for some reason – a reason you can’t quite put your finger on – you just can’t reach the goal of $1M in revenues you set for yourself every January. As a small business owner myself I know that reaching that number is no easy feat, but it can be done, and I can help!

Up until now, your job has been to focus on the meat and potatoes of your organization. The thing is that’s only part of it. The other part – bringing new ideas to life, cleaning up your marketing strategy mess, understanding the data that comes from your online reputation, and maximizing your resources – is the other half. And allowing a marketing consultant – like myself – to handle, address and execute that half can help you achieve whatever realistic goal you set. 

If you are finally ready to go after that that $1M goal ask yourself:

  1. How well do you really understand your market and how are you reaching them?
  2. When was the last time (and maybe you have never created one) looked at the results of your marketing strategies?
  3. How are you monitoring, addressing and managing your online reviews and reputation.

If you haven’t had the time, energy or know-how to answer these questions, you are not alone. In fact, these are some of the first questions I ask my soon-to-be clients who have made the decision to finally go after their goals and realize that they need an expert.

As your marketing consult I will offer you and your business:

  1. Personalized attention. Your business is unique. I will dive deep into your business, to help you create a plan that utilizes the different aspects of marketing and find the strategies that you would benefit most successfully from. 
  2. A knowledge of your competition. Consumers have choices. Knowing your competitors is important in how to market yours. I will provide you with a complete and thorough analysis of your competitors, show how your business matches up to the competition, and how to catapult yours to the top of the heap!
  3. A sense of collaboration. You know your business. I know marketing. We will work together to customize plans that will grow your brand, manage your online reputation and set realistic short-term and long term goals?
  4. Strategies based on data. Marketing is a mix of science and art. I have experience in a variety of mediums and am up-to-date on the ever-evolving digital media world. I will analyze your data to create a plan that meets your customer where they are.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me to discuss ways (big or small) that I can help revise or create a plan that markets your business effectively and efficiently so that you are able to blow the roof of your goals!