Three reasons why your website host needs to move you to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

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Three reasons why your website host needs to move you to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

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While working with one of my clients recently, I discovered that his website was being hosted on a shared server with 37 other websites on it. Whoa, that’s a lot of websites! My unsuspecting client was trusting that his website was being hosted in a reliable, fast and secure spot, but that wasn’t the case. He was also being charged a fee that was well over market rate, especially for a website that could potentially be affected by the behaviors of other sites. My client’s website page speed was also drastically affected, and no amount of caching or SEO work on my part would be able to help improve the page’s speed.

It is my job to ask the tough questions. In asking them, I quickly learned that my client did not know about web hosting practices and their impact on their business. And, why should he? That’s my job not his. It was clear to me that the host did not have my client’s best interest in mind, but I do.

If you think you might in this same situation, or you want to know whether you have outgrown your current web hosting provider – read on!

Instead of being one of 37 hosted websites, a powerful single server VPS or cloud VPS service that only hosts your website, is the most ideal and smartest solution. This can help to avoid the pitfalls of a shared server, which have a lower level of customization and are subject to sharing resources with other sites. Shared servers cause the website to be slower, and rank lower with google rating standards. I do not and will not recommend shared servers for my clients.

So, what’s the difference between a VPS vs. Shared Server? Here’s my top three differences:

  1. Growing Unrestricted

If your business is looking to grow you will need to expand your website’s reach and power. Your website is the equivalent to your brick and mortar space that grows as you add employees and scope of work. As you expand your business your website will need space to grow its content, pages and abilities. Many sites that sit on a VPS have the additional space to access when need the pages for a lot less cost. A shared host has a limited page capacity limiting you to the pages you already have. Considering growth? Move to a VPS server!

  • Mitigating Potential Security Threats

In the same way you want to protect your home from a intruders or ensure that your neighbor’s front lawn looks doesn’t look like a never-ending garage sale, your website needs to be secure and safe and free from the bad and nosey behaviors of your online neighbors. In safeguarding your website you need to look for IP blocking and spam features, have the ability to access to the host at all times. While shared hosts can still protect websites from bad actions if plugins or other items are left unmanaged or abandoned the site could become vulnerable. Most VPS are preconfigured to be accessible through SSH and make it easy to manage. Want a safe and secure website? Host your site on a VPS server!

  • Increasing Slow Page Speed and Reliability Scores

Sites like google rank your website using several factors. The speed (amount of time your page downloads) is a large factor for how desirable your site is to browsers. Power and performance issues can frustrate your clients and can be one of the reasons you may be having a high bounce rate. Blocked or banned websites on a shared server can ruin your uptime and frustrate your clients even more. It could also risk exposing your website’s data to hackers and other potential attacks like ransom ware, etc.  Want to increase your web page speed? Get on a VPS server!

Shared Servers are ultimately used by very small organizations or start up hobbyists. If you are a reputable business use a reliable VPS Hosting Provider, at a minimum, or a dedicated Service Provider who can provide headache free scalable functions with reliable services at a fair price.

Should you need a list of providers, or would like help with moving your site from one provider to another, please feel free to contact me – Yasenny Camejo at 305-791-1264.