Is hiring an Advertising Agency right for your business?

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Is hiring an Advertising Agency right for your business?

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You make decisions all day, every day. Some of those decisions come quickly while others have you tossing and turning all night. One of the decisions your business may be facing right now is: Are ready to hire an Advertising Agency or a Marketing Consultant? There is value and benefit in both of these options. Deciding which one is better for you and your business goals comes down to a few basic questions:

  1. Are you looking to execute a specific marketing initiative, or do want the marketing professional to feel like they are part of your organization? 
    Generally speaking, an Advertising/PR Agency is hired to check off one of your business’ marketing strategies, website development for example. This ‘one off’ job will give you what you pay for, but in the end is that what your business really needs? When you hire a Marketing Consultant, the consultant dives deep into your business, examines your competition, analyzes their findings, and provide you with an explanation of the date so when you build a website or any marketing collateral it’s more than something pretty, it’s something that answers to the data for best results. They are “consulting” in addition to executing.

  2. You want leads but are you ready for them?
    You want more business and have heard that buying leads through an Agency is the way to go. But leads are only good if there is follow up and follow through. When you are a small business and don’t have the manpower to take those leads and run with them, or filter through the promising ones it can be a costly endeavor. Hiring a Marketing Consultant who can introduce you to other tools rather than handing over a list, or one who develops a lead magnet tool so you are getting specific and vetted prospects may yield better results.

  3. You want your business to feel like a priority.

I can only speak for myself here, and how I will serve you as your business’ Marketing Consultant. I want to get to know your business because the more I understand it…the better! I want to provide you with a product that you love, but more importantly with a product, tool, or strategy that you really need. It’s important for me to get you to think about things that you haven’t consider before and leave you with an understanding of the market and your place in it. I want to empower you and your staff.

When money is a concern – and who isn’t concerned about money – hiring a marketing consultant who becomes an addition to your team, who oversees the execution of your marketing initiatives and who offers alternatives and solutions maybe the answer your business needs right now. Later you can have your Marketing Consultant help you find the right budget and the Advertising Agency model that fits your business needs.

If you are ready to bring on a Marketing Consultant to execute a project you’ve been too busy to start, or help you gain an understanding of how social media can increase your audience base, or evaluate your brand, give me a call 305-791-1264 for a free consultation.

I look forward to working with you, and helping you reach your business goals.