Planning 2022: Marketing Strategies To Consider

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Planning 2022: Marketing Strategies To Consider


As the year comes to a close, my hope is that you were able to navigate your new normal, and that you are excited about what’s in store for 2022. While we wait for things to normalize, and for decisions to be made in protocols and tax laws, now is the time to get started creating your 2022 marketing plan.

For me, this year was full of big and little lessons on both a personal and professional level. As a mom of two young daughters who are virtual-schooled, I learned that sometimes cereal for dinner is the perfect meal! As a marketing consultant, who runs her own business, this year got me to rethink how I will be helping my clients develop and execute their marketing plans. Instead of jumping right into creative strategies and bottom-line goals, I will first examine my clients’ business-to-business relationships with their partners, clients and subcontractors to find any weak links and if I do to help them develop ways to strengthen those connections. I also learned that advertising – in the traditional sense – may not be the logical and automatic choice I recommend for them.   

I don’t know if you felt that you were bombarded by ads while you online or streaming. (The same ads that people are getting savvy on how to ignore.) As you know, paid advertising is a widely-used and common way to reach an audience, and while it’s a tried-and-true way to gain customers I think it has gotten completely out of control! Maybe advertisers felt that they had a captive audience with more people working from home and glued to their computers, or using their living rooms rather than restaurants and movie theaters for their entertainment. But now that the world is opening up, and people are getting back to in-person shopping and dining, rethinking how to reach them is going to take a little more creativity.

Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your 2022 marketing strategies:

  1. Have you created an atmosphere of influencers?
    People connect to testimonials. They want to see someone else experience your product or service before they do. If you haven’t captured these real-life experiences – start!

  2. Are YOU the authority?
    No one, and I mean no one should be speaking about your business except you. Are you managing your online reputation? Do you even have an idea of what is being said/shared about you? Take control of your messaging and reputation.

  3. Can you use large-scale events, concerts to showcase your business?
    With crowds making their way to football games and live concerts there may be ways to use these venues to share your story and access a captive audience. Does your city have places for you to spotlight your business and access large number of people?
  4. Have you invested in visually exciting materials, whether it’s a leave behind or video that tells your story?
    With people craving the need to get out and meet face-to-face ensuring that you have creative, eye-catching marketing materials to leave behind will set your business apart from others. If you have to dust off your brochures, it’s time to create new ones! If your sales people are staying in, then make sure they have online marketing tools (videos, e-newsletters, and your company’s website) that are exciting and up-to-date.

If you need help developing your marketing ideas, expertise in executing them, and the savvy to analyze the data, then contact for a free consultation.

Let’s get you motivated for an exceptional 2022!