Jump starting your business after the Coronavirus

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Jump starting your business after the Coronavirus

Are you ready to jump start your online business?

Every person and every business has been affected by the Coronavirus. It’s been written that, “We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” For those essential businesses, traffic and revenues may have soared. For second-tier industries, you may have been forced to close your doors, draw the shades and go dark. Either way, and with all the infinite scenarios in between, we each have the opportunity to re-examine and re-think how we will re-start so that when the horn blows, we can get back to serving our clients/customers, producing our wares and making money.

Before the checkered flag is raised, now is the time to plan for getting back into the game. It might feel like you are starting from square one, and in some cases you may be, but what’s different this time around is YOU. You aren’t the same ‘green behind the ears, head in the clouds’ dreamer. You are a business professional with insights and wisdom. You are seasoned and experienced. You have acquired knowledge over the years, and I bet you have a hunger like you’ve never had before! Those attributes are the fuel to help get production back up to speed. But, if this crisis hasn’t proven to you how powerful digital media is (and I frankly don’t what else could), and you haven’t incorporated social media into your business strategies, you can’t put it off any longer.


During this crisis, social media led the way in connecting people to news, to each other to education and so much more. People of all ages spent and continue to spend 20% more time viewing, playing and researching, whatever their interests may be, using apps. This means that their smart phone and internet-searching habits grew deeper and wider during the crisis, and those habits are only going to get bigger. Browsers are spending their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp saw an even bigger increase in usage at 40%. If you want to connect to current and future customers and build your digital marketing program, I am here to help. Let’s make sure that your business is fired up and ready to go when the light turns green.

Does your online business presence include:

  • Google My Business – This online tool offers customers, who are searching for you, to prominently see your company’s name on the right hand side of the page. Is your information updated and correct?  Could you benefit from a dedicated person to manage this?
  • Yelp – You know (or at least you hope) that you are doing a great job, but what are your customers saying about you? Yelp attracts customers who are looking for businesses in specific areas. Think: “Who has the best dumplings?” or “Who has the best deal on sports equipment?” Yelp lets you post photos, menus, online links and allows you to advertise directly to those looking for your type of service or product at the very moment they are looking for it. You can’t get any closer to the bulls eye of a sale than that!  
  • Facebook – Current and regular posts offer browsers a look into other aspects of your business. Fun, antidotal information keeps ‘friends’ engaged and allows you to converse.
  • Twitter – By having newsworthy items on your feed, you let the world know your expertise. You may be able to connect with other businesses in your area and you can conserve immediately with your followers.
  • Instagram – A picture is worth a thousand and words. This tool can show a side to your business in photos and share your message with an inspirational visual.  
  • Linkedin – This network connects you with like-minded business owners and allows you to highlight your business and expertise through regular updates.

  • Email marketing – Stay in touch and meet customers where they are with email marketing. Offer promotions, share stories and give other types of information that is valuable to them.

  • Updating or creating your website – This is the most important tool for your online business activities. This is the receptacle for all your content, promotions, products and more. Don’t be dated, don’t be boring. This is your 24/7, first impression of your business – does it reflect who you really are?

None of us can wait one more day to get going on the business of our business, so don’t wait. Let me help you get back into the game by making sure your business is online and that you are in touch with your audience.

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