What’s the best way to communicate with customers?

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What’s the best way to communicate with customers?

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Building your business’ digital marketing plan may feel as daunting as learning Tamil (the world’s oldest language), or trying to understand today’s ‘new math,’ but it doesn’t have to be (especially when I am here to help!) Every day that you aren’t implementing a digital media tactic into your marketing plan your business falls behind. With so many different tactics that range from simple to complex, finding the best most effective, and simplest tool that will deliver the highest results can be a make for a tough decision (again, that’s where I can help), but there’s one full-proof way to get your digital marketing efforts started and it’s through…

…EMAIL MARKETING. So, let’s get started!

Email has become the most widely used digital platform. In some cases, people have two separate email accounts. One for their business (paying bills) and the other strictly for personal (sending notes and photos to friends and family, signing up for social media accounts, etc.) When your business uses email marketing as one of its digital media strategies, and not only as a way to remind customers they are behind in their payment, it allows you to connect with them using content that is relevant at just the right time. Setting up your email marketing strategies should be your first step in tackling your digital marketing goals, and once you’ve got it up and running it can be rolled into any of your other tactics giving it even more power!

Email addresses are multiplying by the hour because an email address is a required step for online business transactions. Think about how you shop, register for a class or event, or even reserve a table, one of the first steps is to provide a valid email address. It doesn’t matter if a person has relocated a dozen different times to a dozen different places because most likely they have taken their email address with them, which means that once you’ve collected their email you have the ability to communicate with them without missing a beat.

If you have only been using email marketing to sell or promote a product or service because you think that’s all email marketing is used for, I guarantee you that you have lost subscribers (something I can help you get back). More importantly though, you are missing out on email marketing’s enormous capacity. It’s important to create valuable, current content with interesting blog posts, fun tips and entertaining videos to keep subscribers engaged and leave them feeling like you aren’t just trying to sell them something.


Together, we can tell your story through creative and engaging email newsletters while promoting special offers, events and other sales-driven tactics without making subscribers feel like they are being sold to. We will look at analytics and learn about your subscribers to help improve future campaigns – think about that for a minute!  For subscribers who have stuck around, you can offer incentives or specials just to thank them for their loyalty. Plus we can identify patterns, trends, and possible new markets to grow your business. 


  • Create engaging, creative and personalized e-newsletters 
  • Develop a “Welcome Email” series
  • Produce standard promotional campaigns
  • Produce seasonal campaigns
  • Initiate Triggered Email series
  • Analyze Post-Purchase Drip
  • Connect Via-Social Campaigns
  • Monitor Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Give me a chance to show you how you can use email marketing to improve your communication with customers and drive up your bottom line! Contact Yasenny