Marketing Technology Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening

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Marketing Technology Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening

For most people the word – Technology – frightens them. Because frankly there are more critical, pressing concerns to deal with … that any part of learning about technology would simply be too exhausting. What I would like for you to do, as the world rethinks the business market post COVID-19, is think about your how your business uses technology and ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. Does your business have the right technology to bring your organization to market post-COVID-19 shut down?
  2. Is your organization ready to undertake an aggressive digital online transformation that builds on its previous success and offerings?

Sales, customer interactions and service are already looking and feeling different. Now is the time to look at your business and find places where you can invest in innovative methods that will deepen your customer’s level of engagement and profitability.

With existing digital marketing techniques and new technologies you can experience a great cross-functionally diverse partnership with access to an analytics expert, developers, eCommerce product managers, and digital brand managers. So, how do you do it? You let a marketing professional (like me) help you create a plan to manage and grow your brand and that allows you to do what you do best.

By bringing on a marketing professional like myself to develop and execute marketing transformation plan for products, I will work closely with your IT division to grow and build your eCommerce by focusing on delivering digital experiences through agile experimentation and execution, artificial intelligence, conceptualization and development. Not only eCommerce, there are many areas of technology like: Information Technology, Education Technology, Medical Technology, Communication Technology, Business Technology, and Assistive Technology. Creative ideas and content marketing assets across digital channels including paid social, display advertising, email, and landing pages are just some of the ways to combine this technology with your marketing. This creates a way for customers to seamlessly purchase products and allow us together to leverage data and create a technology implementation plan.

Whew…that’s a lot of technology to understand! Good news is that you don’t need to learn it all on your own, that’s my job. Let me be your business’ hero by slaying that that big, scary word: Technology!

Call me today – 305-791-1264, and let’s work on assessing how technology can get your business ready for a new type of business market.