Author: Yasenny Camejo

Marketing Strategic Consultant Services

Back to Basics – Communication 101

If it’s been a while since you spent time with your staff in person or you haven’t had quality one-on-one time with a client, and you are feeling a little rusty getting the flow of communication going here are some tips.

Paid Advertising vs Organic Advertising Blocks with business symbols

Happy New Year!

Whether you make resolutions or not, I want you to consider something that will help you build your business, grow your reputation, and once you achieve it, there’s nothing and no one that can take it away from you. It’s: ….

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Forging Partnership Is Guaranteed To Make You Stronger! 💪🏼

You’ve heard the expression: Two heads are better than one. I am confident that you’ve applied that philosophy in your lifemany times over. You picked your smartest family member to join you in a game of trivia, your most athletic buddy to partner with you in a round of golf, or your most creative colleague…
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Marketing Technology Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening

For most people the word – Technology – frightens them. Because frankly there are more critical, pressing concerns to deal with … that any part of learning about technology would simply be too exhausting. What I would like for you to do, as the world rethinks the business market post COVID-19, is think about your…
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What’s the best way to communicate with customers?

Through EMAIL MARKETING! Building your business’ digital marketing plan may feel as daunting as learning Tamil (the world’s oldest language), or trying to understand today’s ‘new math,’ but it doesn’t have to be (especially when I am here to help!) Every day that you aren’t implementing a digital media tactic into your marketing plan your…
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Jump starting your business after the Coronavirus

Are you ready to jump start your online business? Every person and every business has been affected by the Coronavirus. It’s been written that, “We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” For those essential businesses, traffic and revenues may have soared. For second-tier industries, you may have been forced…
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What is Marketing and Why is it Important for Business?

Having spent the last nearly 20 years in the communications and marketing field working with both large-scale and small-scale, private corporations and public sector organizations offered me the opportunity to work on creative and challenging projects, and meet some of the most interesting and inspiring people like Michelle Obama. Through my experiences, I have been…
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Refresh, Revive And Recharge Your Website Often – You’ll Be Glad You Do!

OUT WITH THE OLD. IN WITH THE NEW. Think of that favorite store you visit regularly. Chances are, you navigate through it with ease because the layout is easy to understand, and you have become so familiar with it you could browse the aisles with your eyes closed! You have come to rely on the…
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