Forging Partnership Is Guaranteed To Make You Stronger! 💪🏼

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Forging Partnership Is Guaranteed To Make You Stronger! 💪🏼

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You’ve heard the expression: Two heads are better than one. I am confident that you’ve applied that philosophy in your lifemany times over. You picked your smartest family member to join you in a game of trivia, your most athletic buddy to partner with you in a round of golf, or your most creative colleague to work with you on an important project. Whatever your reasons for selecting a cohort/partner/collaborator you specifically chose them because you trusted their capabilities, valued their perspective, admired their talent, and knew that together YOU would be better!

So, why not apply that same tactic when it comes to marketing your business?

As an entrepreneur it’s impossible to do it all, which makes maximizing your time and attracting people with differing talents or expertise that supports your goals extremely important. One way for your business to become stronger is to forge partnerships that leverage your business’ services and offerings with theirs.

So, how do you do that?

By NOT applying the old manner of networking. For those of you who worked the networking circuit in the past, it was all about meeting everyone in the room and collecting as many business cards that you could stuff in your pocket! You’d then run back to your office and either follow up with a “sales call” or fire off an aggressive annoying email, which probably didn’t produce many positive outcomes, but rather ticked off a few folks!

Instead, it’s about participating in networking opportunities that don’t boast “the more, the merrier” philosophy. It’s about being a part of a group of vetted professionals who are part of a community and whom you can trust to become an extension of you and your business. It’s about making a connection with someone who will become a person who work with rather than for.

It’s about how joining forces will ultimately yield benefits to the both of you. When you are networking with the intent of finding a lifelong business partner rather than closing a deal, or thinking that everyone is competition, you may miss out on the endless possibilities that can be generated through a partnership. Instead of focusing on landing a lead or a sale, focus on how you fit together, how you can be each other’s Ying and Yang so that inevitably your partnership will grow each of your businesses individually and collectively.

Forging partnerships will expand your ability to solve problems, will enrich your business’ level of diversity, will allow each of you the chance to mentor one another, and perhaps experience personal and professional growth you may not otherwise have been able to do alone.

Right now, think about the people you have already met, get out your stack of business cards, go through old emails, and try your best to recall the face and the functions of that individual. Now, instead of thinking about what you could do for them, think about how they can become a part of your business team. Why not give them a call and start exploring how putting your two heads together will do you both some good!

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